Learn where to invest wisely in Copilot/AI.

Many executives are interested in Copilot and AI but are unclear where to invest wisely. With budget season approaching, learn what you need to know to plan and execute effectively.

Learn where to place your smart money:
• What areas should I begin with Copilot and AI?
• What benefits can we get from Copilot and AI applications?
• How can I minimize our Copilot and AI risks?

“Microsoft is showing us all of this fantastic Copilot tech but my company is still struggling with recording meetings. How do I move the needle on this?”


Join Treb Gatte, Microsoft MVP, as he leads you through the bedrock knowledge needed to plan and budget for a successful Copilot and AI investment. You'll get real world perspectives and lessons learned.

"I'm excited. I really want to "Crawl, Walk, Copilot" but I'm not clear on what I'm crawling toward or if I'm starting out right.


Engage deeply with the content and fellow thought leaders.

This 5 day workshop, starting on June 24, is designed not just to inform, but to transform. By the end of our time, you won't just understand the path forward—you'll have actively taken the first steps to a wise investment in Copilot and AI.

Included in your registration:

  • A workbook to guide your journey during and after the workshop.
  • Homework! Assignments that reinforce and expand on what we cover, setting the stage for immediate application.
  • A follow-up from me to see how you are progressing. I'm committed to not only starting this journey with you but also to seeing you achieve remarkable success.
  • Contact us at for more details.

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